"I have always been inspired by nature as home. No matter where I am or where I have traveled I find comfort in the bigness of small moments there. As a Michigan artist-in-residence drawing upon what state and national parks offer, I find every place and inhabitant has a story to tell. Now, as I travel across the U.S. and explore mountains, forests, and desert, my thirst for discovery of place grows, I imagine much like explorers of old must have felt. 

As a teen I loved the texture of old oil paint palettes and shadow boxes. I am drawn to collecting natural ephemera treasure of fossils, bones, and stones as well as sketches of experience. Much like the art of Joseph Cornell I attempt to create layered mixed media art that tells a sensory tale in a given space. I make my artworks a tiny museum that is approachable and touchable as people connect through texture and touch.

I use natural and reclaimed materials, fibers and papers to tell my story. I seasonally create altered, manipulated fabrics often making natural dyes. The layered, collaged, and assemb

led pieces speak of times past and of the mind's flight. The center of everywhere is sacred."

Large Collaged Pieces 


Fabric Collage & Quilt Assemblages