Wood Notes $110

Wood Notes, fabric book, 10 pages

About "Wood Notes"

Mixed media, layered, slow-stitched, with text, twig and fabric sketching, antler and paper wasp bits, all come together as collaged clusters that tell a unique story.

My forest backyard called out the color palette of pine needle duff, lichens, moss and spruce needle greens. This is my summer studio and place of peace and where fluting veery and fox shows up sometimes with feather gifts!




My squish-a-licious fabric book, Wood Notes! This 6 x 5 x 3" , 8 page book was dyed with acrylics, alcohol inks and 1920 Putnam’s ecru dye for fibers and fabrics.

Cover: Twigs that wren stuffed in my clothespin bag, found dropped deer antler button I cut, and antique Peace pin are parts of my book story. There is dyed vintage lace and wool with eco-printed note papers tucked within secret pockets!

I loved making this and love the feel and chunky squish of this book. And even better, you can add your own notes, observations and feelings!


In These Woods $150

Chunky, squishy 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.5" fabric woodland book