Wall Art Quilts

Art quilts hang floating on the wall and are frameless. They and spool scrolls contains story, vintage, natural, and reclaimed altered materials.

"Once a Wildish Time"  $495

Mixed media quilt 23" x 36"

This mixed media art quilt piece harkens back to a time of magic and reverence for all living things. Inspired by the W. B. Yeats poem, it tells a story in embossed and altered original watercolor, pencil and acrylic, stitching, paper manipulation on vintage fabrics. Paper, canvas, fabric, fibers and cheesecloth, and hand-dyed vintage lace, with dyed beaver chewed branch that supports these mystical forest guardians.


"Lodge Singer"  SOLD

18" x 23"

This large-eyed barred owl sat one evening in a pine outside my studio window. The robins were all a twitter and disturbed by its presence. The evening light danced pink and gold behind as the sun set. This stitched piece has dyed fabrics and cheesecloth, and vintage lace and buttons, Ojibwe music of the owl "Who sits atop my lodge", which I felt appropriate. I painted the fabric and machine and slow stitched the owl focusing on those dark eyes that seem to jump from the dusk deep woods.


"Ramblin"  $195.00

14.5 x 21"

This black bear boar rambled across the road in front of us one late summer day into a field of big bluestem, Queen Anne's lace and asters. Taking its time, the huge bear, seemed to have no concern and was out for a stroll. Seed stitching represent the seeds translocating and transplanting themselves with the rambler! Buttons, dyed and rust fabrics, and stitching tell the tale.


"On Marshmallow Feet"  $210.00

14.5 x 21.5"

This pieces is suspended by a dyed driftwood stick and tells the story of the fox on a summer morning emerging from the woodland door. Through blueberries and pines it moved like the sunlight, a flash of red-gold, unconcerned with me. Stitched watercolors, embossed on eco-dyed paper, vintage lace and buttons and altered fabric.


Hanging spool scrolls, large and small tell tales large and small! Use the small scrolls as holiday ornaments or to hang in a tiny space.

"Winter Sky Story Scroll"   $395.00

40 x 8.5"

This collaged scroll hangs on a hardwood spool with leather thong hanger. It is on altered fabrics/fibers with art transfers. Sea glass, stitching, and vintage beads and wool mark the planets, constellations, and northern lights.


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Holiday and Woodland themes  $20 - $35

Vintage thread spools, fabrics, text, stitching and ephemera on beaded cord hangers