Miniature art quilt collages are mounted on backboards or canvas and hang ready.

"Dive Deeper" (Loon)   $75

8 x 10" fabric, canvas with gesso and tissue, vintage buttons, handmade paper, driftwood, altered vintage 1880s cabinet card holder, dyed cheesecloth, art printed on fabric, stitching, shells, sea glass.


"Sleeping Bear and Manitous" $115

11 x 9.5" fabrics, dyed paper, art printed fabric, vintage buttons, handmade paper, yarn fibers, driftwood, altered acrylic painting, stitching.


"Nomad of the North" $75

9 x 10.5" fabrics, gelli plate print cloth, art printed fabric, glow-in-the-dark thread in stitching, stick, vintage and wood buttons, with text.


"Wild Life" (Wolf) $125

9.5 x 11.5" dyed khadi paper, eco-printed fabric, art printed fabric, stitching, wrapped stick with dyed lace, vintage button, fibers, and art transfer with gold mica flakes.


"Forest Eyes" (Great Gray Owl) $125

9 x 12.5" dyed and printed fabrics, stick, buttons, polycolor pencil, watercolor, dyed lace and cheesecloth, art printed fabric, text, stitching.


"Enjoy Life!" (Porcupine) $65

"8 x 10" handmade paper, stitched art transfer, porcupine quills, altered playing card, vintage buttons, wood, gelli printed fabric, dyed lace/cheesecloth, vintage music on textured canvas


Assemblage wall art pieces are hang ready with spacers mounted on vintage book covers! They can be placed directly on a wall or mounted in a shadow box as a cabinet of curiosities.

"Rediscovery of Things Forgotten" $155

12.5 x 8" assemblage on vintage children's book cover interior with altered playing card holding dyed lace and vintage photo printed on satin, Game of Authors vintage card with vintage Lotto game pieces, deer antler, dyed cheesecloth, sticks, fern leaf, Big Little book text and library due date card print,  vintage SNAP! and Animal Lotto cards, Game of Authors card, carved wood canoe, fibers, vintage button and dyed cloth.










"Remember Wild" $135

16 x 8" assemblage on two book covers, The Blazed Trail, with trail marker of sticks, vintage Game of Authors cards, digital art printed on dyed fabric, vintage photo printed on coffee-dyed paper, vintage stamp, book pages and metal buttons, carved wooden canoe postcard copy and dyed fabric and fibers.











"Surrender to Wild Play" $145

12 x 16" assemblage on Forest and the Fort vintage book covers, vintage buttons and glass beads, turkey feather, oak leaves, stick bundle, wood, acorn, stitching on altered playing card with vintage photos printed coffee-dyed paper and satin with dyed lace and cheesecloth and fibers, vintage Game of Authors cards, vintage text and pages with map on tea dyed paper.