"Birds"  $260

This collaged book is filled with pockets and small notebooks to carry into the field. Organize your feathery observations and thoughts in this 3 signature art book.












"Of  Fairies, Sprites and  Wood Wildlings" $220

This book inspired by my mother's childhood 1940s handmade book has 32 pages of magical fun. Poetry and rhyme, my own original art, plenty of journal space to record your own fairy encounters.

















"Forest Wild"  $220

This 8 x 11" wildly machine stitched fabric-covered journal has a paper clay owl perched on a twig with dyed fibers and threads on the front, vintage buttons and leather strip closure.

Pages are eco-printed, cloth, and coffee-dyed. Some special secrets inside include my field observation notes and art, my own altered polaroid pics, vintage illustration pages and papers, tabs of each signature include Forest Floor, Canopy and Understory. A fun journal with plenty of room to fill in observations and discover hidden woodland treasures.                                                                        






Altered forest pencil, poetry "shaker" in a coffee-dyed pocket, my original art copied and altered with a view master page,  tree shadow pop-up page, BINGO card writing board, vintage illustrations and pockets, notebooks, secrets and more!





"Artist Naturalist Journal & Field Bag"  $275 

See my YOUTUBE Journal's Flip Through of pages here: 

Handmade mark-making tools of feathers, fibers, and cattail reed. Altered canvas and leather vintage knife roll bag, this repurposed bag holds the three-ring bound Artist Naturalist Journal. The interactive sketchbook celebrates the early artist explorers who chronicled North America and invites the owner to share in that natural world discovery.

Pockets in the bag hold a vintage Bingo card watercolor palette with three colors, a pine needle brush, and mussel shell water dish for painting in the field. The book itself has miniature notebooks for field notes, specimen cards, poetry prompt shaker card, and more! Plenty of journaling space in creative hand-carved stamped pages, "feathers", and heavy pastel and charcoal and watercolor paper for sketches.





The Artist  Naturalist Journal is collaged with sketches of old and calls the artist to record and preserve their observations. The nature artist journey begins!






Description and book specs:

36 pages, 2.5" x 11" x 8 1/4", with 42" beaded, stitched, dyed cloth book tie closure. FRONT COVER: (outer) collaged with pen nib in collector display card (inner) magnetic writing board. BACK COVER: (inner) lithograph hand-pulled print collage, "Specimen" collecting case FIELD BAG POCKET contents: BINGO 3 color palette (burnt sienna, blue, and moonglow), white pine bundle brush, cedar pencil, and mussel shell water dish. FIELD BAG TOOL POCKET: Cattail stick tools, brush, yarn mop brush, turkey feather, feather brush.

CLUSTERS: 3 slow-stitched, vintage stamps and buttons on distressed cloth EXTRAS: 4 - Matchbook note books 4 - Mini Flip notebooks 2 - Altered card notebooks with belly band 1 - Accordion FLORA book 1 - Altered original art graphite drawing on builder paper holds double pocket folder 6 - Pressed, dried specimens (in pockets) 1 - Magnifier card 2 - "Feather" writing papers 1 - "Tweet" bird sketch writing envelope 4 - Antique "Game of Authors" game cards

Tan charcoal drawing paper Pastel drawing paper Coffee-stained sketch paper 2 - Watercolor paper waterfall notebooks Journal writing pages, hand-carved stamps 1 - LARGE paper clip 1, vintage papers sewn in "Camp" notebook 3 - Watercolor paper stamped POST CARDS 2 -

Specimen BOOKMARKS 1 - Poetry SHAKER card 1 - Small BEADED DANGLE mussel shell on chain for water Alcohol dyed 3" binder rings. Stitched pockets and pages, handmade page reinforcements. Hand-carved stamps: crow, turtle, lily pad, mushroom, toad, fish, feather. The book may be displayed standing upright or stored in canvas "field bag". The bag strap is sturdy canvas with leather closure straps.


"Book  of Light & Shadow" SOLD

YouTube Walk-Through of Book of Light & Shadows

This Book of Light & Shadow celebrates the hero's journey of the self in three book-tabbed stages. This book's bones is an 1880s photograph album and contains several of the photos that came with it.


The book stores on the 1880s brass easel that has a new collaged box with drawer. the drawer front is the original celluloid and brass drawer pull. The book was gutted due to heavy damage and aging. Velvet powdered off, celluloid cracked, and the phot pages aged and worn. But the photos are in lovely condition. I did keep original elements, the closure, and some pieces of binding, celluloid bits, and the usable photo pages to use in this combining the old with the new. The chain closure has a an embossed vintage dog with the cover lady's hand image beckoning one to open the book. Let's go!

Book specs: The book is 9 x 11.5 x 3.5", brass easel, and wooden drawer filled with goodies! Three signatures in a blind spine. Approximately 86 pages (some tiny ones, too)

Extras: Magical drawer items include a handmade 24 card mixed media collaged Runic Forest Oracle deck on vintage game cards. A pendulum and scrying mirror and a protection spell bottled charm. The book spine holds a driftwood, Lake Michigan polished wand with paper beads and charm and a small willow/jute broom that can be used as a brush for paint or ink.

I jumped into stripping the book down to the wood covers, giving new shimmery cloth pocket spine with vintage buttons and reattached the storing bar in back. Then the fun began!

Creating and collaging pages from my eco-dye and prints. Each page spoke as to where and what goes next. Vintage fabrics, laces, beads and more embellish the cabinet cards within. Seven original cabinet cards and two photos.

More goodies! The book contents: pockets, tucks, vintage game cards, buttons, along with pieces of binding and cover bits. There is a poppet doll with notes and thread tucked into the front cover pocket, a pocket dancing witchy doll in the back cover pocket. Plenty, plenty, plenty of writing  and journaling space!

And more! There are 16 tiny notebooks (one as a tea bag!) a large paper clip, decorated paper clips, birch strips for earthy notes, mini Ouija board with my art on it and mini Rook planchette, card 13! Letters, feathers, 3 botanical postcards, 3 plant lore cards, potion labels, 1 stereocard, an eco-dyed Blessings card, and 1 poetry shaker with writing prompt "I Remember."