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Animal Characters 

mouthy beaver               ht beaver and bear run                ht pg 18  beaver's idea                    ht pg 19  part of beaver's idea              ht the end           cc Bunny run 2 3cc copy      8 cc loritaylorart copy   cc field      ws taylor lori sm web end      owl rooster      horse old woman GAL      manatee party mae copy      bear GALL      beava GALL      bva GALL dive copy skunk GALL



Kids & Characters

hwpb 12 13 183 hwpb 12 13 182 hwpb 12 13 18 kids jade matt jo GALLERY copy P copy   I copy   Y copy       V copy       O copy       U copy                           B copy                           Z copy       TAYLOR Lori   old woman taylor lori   taylor lori shoe old woman (2)   ZZZ THE END nap copy   2,3 COLOR art copy         manatee party mae copy         ff barn14   ff 1   lori t holly card big copy                         t sie eagle copy (2)                   kids jade matt jo GALLERY copy  hwpb 12 13 183                      hwpb 12 13 182                      james b lori taylor art copy


Black & White

1.0 enter RV wolf copy            HW boot FALLS GAL copy     film crew HW copy  tie and sie GAL     Gal Martin  bernie message in a bottle GAL     hw4 HENRY 4 5 copy            ch22 holly bitten and burned copy            ch 3 web thumb            ch 5 twig web thumb            marie web            Taylor Lori Child Chickadee2            wolf 0002 2             Sbb11web            sagewoman spot web cat books copy            sagewoman dragon web            slbd ART COLORING WRITING sm web



Nature Illustrations

red hiding in the wood        Coyote Kid s Game       OCPR-Coyote-edu    questpedition wolf        larva    fairy shrimp        blue spotted salamander         vernal pool portfolio 1                      pileated woodpecker        log life after death                        cold blooded killers