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Books from Lori Taylor and Bear Track Press, bring history, science, and nature to life for children of all ages.


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HOLLY WILD: Bamboozled on Beaver Island (Book 1)

Young GeEK (Geo-Explorer Kid) Holly Wild travels with best friends, twins, Sierra and Tierra Hills to Beaver Island for the Museum Week celebration. From the moment Holly steps off the boat onto this unhurried, unspoiled island, her troubles begin, but when she discovers a mysterious, creepy thing washed ashore she finds that it may hold the key to the island’s terror and troubles!

ISBN 978.1.4507.9194.6   

Bear Track Press, 2011
162 pgs., Jr. Fiction (ages 7-12)

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HOLLY WILD: Let Sleeping Bear Dunes Lie (Book 2)

Holly’s journey continues to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore for a little R&R, but her dreams are haunted by bears—her “fearest of fears”. And not just any bears—it’s the legendary dune mother bear, Mishe Makwa, and her cubs! Holly and her team meet up with young local beach bum, Bernie, who helps them investigate the park’s recent water problem and to put an end to her “nightbear” dreams—fast!


ISBN 978.0.615.65973.2  

Bear Track Press, 2012
186 pgs., Jr. Fiction (ages 7-12)

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HOLLY WILD: Packing for the Porkies! (Book 3)

Holly and her Team, Tierra & Sierra, are headed to Michigan’s Yooperland wilderness, the Porcupine Mountains! Holly's attempt to establish communication with the Yoopers—folks from the U.P.—and experience true wilderness are put on hold as she finds herself trying to survive in a rustic camp in the land of big trees, big water, Bunyan and Bigfoot. But when a“Porkies” artist comes up missing—Holly must face the wilderness on her own.


ISBN 978.0.615.87321.3  

Bear Track Press (2013)
196 pgs., Jr. Fiction (ages 7 - 12)


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HOLLY WILD: Questpedition for da Yooper Stone! (Book 4)

Holly and her Team, T & Sie, head home from their summer vacation when they discover secrets, legends, and a mysterious story teller are following them across Michigan's eastern U. P. But when the Team suddenly finds that 5th grade = miserable middle-school, Holly embarks on a quest for a good luck stone. Holly is one Geo-explorer Kid who is headed for rocky times as time is running out! Will she find the lucky Yooper Stone in one week?

ISBN 978.0.692.36414.7

Bear Track Press (2015)
177 pgs., Jr. Fiction (ages 7 - 12)


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Written & Illustrated by Lori Taylor

For a nine year-old, Lissy has big trouble. Lissy’s family heads to the north woods after the death of her grandmother. But as they head home, Lissy's journey begins! Lost in the dark wood, she loses her shadow, is chased by a wild cat, and is found by a witch! What could possibly happen next? How will Lissy get her shadow back and return home?


ISBN 1-59286-964-5

Bear Track Press, 2011

118 pgs. with 27 b/w illustrations. Junior Fiction for ages 7-12
Magic/Adventure (Second edition) 


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HOLLY WILD: Sketch-n-Color Book!

Get up, get out, get WILD with this INTERACTIVE Holly Wild coloring JOURNAL that features WILD art from ALL 4 Holly Wild Books. Sketching prompts in this creative kid lit coloring book will keep kids reading and busy telling THEIR own story.

The 40 pages of interactive FUN printed in Michigan on HEAVY paper that will withstand dry brush watercolor, w/c markers, pen, and colored pencils. The durable cover is great for take-along vacation fun.


Bear Track Press

Ages 3-133



HOLLY WILD: The Young GeEK's Guide to Getting Outside!

Ten-year old Holly and pals take young cousins on an alphabet adventure into the WILD BACKYARD! This rhyming read-aloud, perfect for naptime or playtime, is for young Geo-Explorers ages 2—6! Packed with fun body smart prompts, Backyard BINGO Scavenger Hunt, and more, this HOLLY WILD picture book will be sure to get lil GeEKs outside and INTO the dirt.

Bear Track Press (2015)
ISBN 978-0-692-47848-6
Hardcover 9 x 11", 36 pgs.
(ages 2-6) FULL COLOR, printed in USA



CRAZY-CAT Don't Chase That Rabbit!

Written & Illustrated by Lori Taylor

Crazy-Cat is on the trail--once again--after that shape-shifting  trickster, Tricky-Track Rabbit! And this time the wild cat has the "biggish" bunny cornered. But Crazy-Cat never learns! In this hide-and-seek tale, our wacky feline hunter loses his patience, his tools and even his tail!

This entertaining retelling of the 1884 Algonquian legend is an interactive comic book. This 26 page FULL COLOR, glossy comic book has story, activities, games and drawing and writing fun.




HOT TIMES in the Big Creek Wood  
Written & Illustrated by Lori Taylor

When things get carried away between neighbors—HOT days, HOT words, HOT heads with HOT tempers—it spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E! And when those neighbors are as different as night and day, there are bound to be hot times—which is not good for the rest of the neighbors of Big Creek Wood!

An original 48 page tale  that teaches history, habitat, diversity, tolerance and more.
FULL COLOR, glossy graphic novel with games, drawing and writing fun.




Remember to Give Thanks


A collection of the art of Lori Taylor set to poetry inspired by the Thanksgiving Address of the Haudenosaunee. This address delivered by gathered First Nation Peoples and others that hearfully thanks everything and everyone in Creation. A 32-page meditational coloring book of Lori's art old and new.


"With the growing popularity of coloring books I designed a coloring portfolio that will inspire creativity and gratitude. I recommend soft blendable colored pencils or even a stackable crayon pencil. I color in layers of soft circles to blend and fill spaces. Enjoy!"          Lori Taylor


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Other Books Illustrated by Lori Taylor

NEW!  The Sense-of Place STORYTELLER Series

The Legend of the Sleeping Bear

Art and Poem by Lori Taylor

Michigan author/illustrator Lori Taylor was Artist-in-Residence for the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in 2007. She lived in the park, walked the shores, and created

this poem and artwork from her stay. Taylor’s interpretation of the famed Odawa Indian legend of the mother black bear and her cubs is one of hope and dreams, tools

that empower us all to change our world or dreaming. Ages 7 and Up, softcover, 60 full color pages, perfect bound 9 x 9".

ISBN 978-0-692-17178-3 

Bear Track Press, 2018


NEW! The Sense-of Place STORYTELLER Series

The Gift of Summer Rain: An Arch Rock Legend

Written by Doris Holik Kelly

Illustrated by Lori Taylor

Lightning crashes and thunder roars, winds rage and seas roil! The story of Summer Rain and the breccia stone arch of Mackinac Island's Arch Rock comes alive in this re-telling of the Odawa Indian legend. Exciting storytelling in art and word that teaches kids amazing stuff about cool places in a fun way! Junior fiction for ages 7-11. Softcover 9 x 9", full color, 58 pages.


ISBN 978-0-692-99526-6

Bear Track Press, 2018


The Gift of Summer Rain: An Arch Rock Legend Coloring and Activity Book

Lori Taylor's illustratioons make the history of the land and legend of the First People come alive with this companion guide to The Gift of Summer Rain. For creative fun, these 34 pages are filled with interactive and educational play with puppets, games, and more. Write, draw, cut, and glue! Use it in the classroom or take it on vacation. Let storytelling and imagination entertain and educate kids aged 7--11.


Bear Track Press, 2018



Other Books Illustrated by LORI TAYLOR

Henny & Benny Bunyan 

and the Maple Syrup Adventure 

Story by Kitty Donohoe

Art by Lori Taylor

Henny and Benny Bunyan are brothers, relatives of the famous lumberjack Paul Bunyan. This, their first story takes place in the old lumber town of Pineville. Henny enters a flapjack contest to win the Whoopie Howdy Super Supreme Sled, but something very strange happens!

2016 Moonbeam Bronze Music Award!

The Northwoods Kids (Book One) from Gypsie Bird Press, folk fiction, 40 pages, Ages 5 to 11, includes a 5 Song CD.

ISBN 978-0-9970460-0-7  

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